Nations server rules

General usage regulations

The server language is German/English. (Within the nation, it is allowed to write/speak in the national language.)
The rules apply to ALL areas of the server (including Discord).
Violation of these rules can result in a chat warning, chat ban, fine, material penalty, kick, temporary ban up to permanent ban.
Ignoring these rules will not protect you from punishment.
Nation laws cannot override or circumvent server rules. (The server rules take precedence over all other rules and laws)

The following must be omitted on the server in text, images, language and form:

- Insults
- Drohungen
- Threats
- Discrimination
- Racist, extremist, sexist content
- Content that glorifies drugs and violence
- Adult content
- Planning/engaging/promoting unconstitutional activities

Publishing content:

- By publishing content on MyLonky (server, Discord, etc), you allow the community to use this content.
- For example, players can share screenshots of your buildings or quote your contributions.
- The server team can also change or delete content.
- If you don't want your content to be used by others, don't publish it on our platform.
- Buildings, posts can be removed by the server team on request.

Rules in chat:

- Disputes are to be avoided in the chat. Controls this via /msg or in Discord
- Spam (repeating messages quickly or frequently) is prohibited
- Excessive use of UPPER CASES (also called "caps") is prohibited
- Sharing contact details (address, telephone number, Skype name) is not permitted (even via /msg)


- Advertising for other Minecraft servers and internet services will not be tolerated
- Advertising for your own social media (YouTube, Facebook etc.) is only permitted with the consent of a team member

Account security:

- You are responsible for your account yourself
- Activities that originate from your account will be penalized, even if they were carried out by other people (e.g. friends, family members)

Mob farms/mobs:

The following must be observed with monster farms:
- Guard farms are prohibited in the construction world
- Iron and gold farms are to be limited to one per nation and only to be established by agreement. This can be activated via /ticket. They must be more than 200 blocks away from the nearest farm
- EXP farms with more than 3 spawners per farm are prohibited
- Visible mob towers are prohibited.
- The accumulation of animals/NPC/monsters on a small area is permitted, but if they are too high they will be removed automatically. The calculation is per chunk.
- Mobspawners will never be postponed by the team.
- If a mob farm is to be removed from the team, the purchase price will not be refunded.
- AFK farms are allowed as long as they don't break other rules (see below).

Automatic systems:

It is essential to note:
The following must be observed with monster farms:
- Items must not jam endlessly in funnels.
- Hopper roads are to be covered with stoves or avoided entirely.
- automated fast [~ every second] ongoing Redstonesysteme are prohibited.
- every circuit must be able to be switched off manually when it is not needed.
- every circuit must switch itself off automatically before the crates/hoppers fill up.
- A maximum of 1,500 hopper in sight are allowed, but only if this rule are compliant.

Systems that do not adhere to the rules or impair performance can be removed by the team at any time.
- Check out TheJoCraft's Redstone tutorials.
- Uses ice channels and water elevators to transport items.
- Let the team accept your systems /ticket
- Reduces the accumulation of additional entities around your systems >>


The following is a list of permitted and forbidden client modifications that should be used as a guide.

Permitted modifications:
- Any modifications whose intended use is purely aesthetic. E.g. Shader Mods
- Modifications to increase performance, for example Optifine
- Minimap, in PvP/events without entity, monster or player radar
- Texture Packs (excluding Xray Texture Packs)
- Light Mods or PC brightness

Prohibited modifications:
- Modifications that change movement behavior
- Modifications that enable flying
- Modifications that give an unfair advantage over other players
- Xray, Xray Texture Packs, and related modifications
- Click mods, autoclickers, macros
- Map downloader


- Murder, theft and destruction of someone else's property are strictly prohibited. (For exceptions see PvP)
- Smaller ownership disputes between players must always be resolved privately, the team only intervenes in difficult and difficult cases.
- Don't just give players rights to your property, use sub-regions, mark boxes with names.
- Chasing and picking up falling items by dismantling the other player is prohibited (unless the other player is in a nation with which is at war)
- The destruction of blocks and farms outside of one's own property is not permitted.
- Special events and worlds (e.g. mine world, nether) may define different rules, the rules are then located at the entrance.

Player vs. Player (PvP):

- PvP is only allowed among players in a nation with war rulers or in PvP arenas.
- Arenas must be constructed in such a way that no spectator can accidentally enter the battlefield.
- The entrances must be clearly identified as a PvP zone.
- The winner of the fight is not obliged to return the items despite prior agreement.


- Tickets are to be written clearly.
- Creating multiple tickets with the same content is prohibited (spam).
- Constant inquiries regarding the processing of a ticket are not permitted.


- Freebuild lots can be removed after at least 3 months of inactivity. Should it be very "unfinished" or "deface" the surroundings/neighborhood, this time limit can be much shorter.

Contributions through "donations":

- A donation that has been made does not protect against punishment by, for example, Xray, in the event of a ban, your donor status continues as normal.
- It is not possible to transfer the donor status to another player afterwards.
- Transfers that have been made to the server can be refunded in the case of (The German "Bundes Gesetz Buch") BGB §528 and §110.
- Transfers can be refused and rejected by the owner.


- Recording videos on the server is generally permitted as long as they are not intended for abuse (see general rules).
- Official recordings such as teasers/server trailers are NOT permitted without prior consultation with the server operator.
- A player who dies after a farm world reset has no right to a refund of his items.
- Insight or information about the plugin list or certain plugins in the configuration / functionality (technically based, not commands ...) are not given.
- The server team reserves the right to remove player properties, in particular disproportionately high 1x1 towers or "buildings" that are viewed as building ruins.
- Player properties and buildings are not moved or copied by the team.
- A mod/admin does not have to justify himself for an outright punishment.
- Violations by team members are in principle punished in the same way as offenses by players; this can also lead to exclusion from the server team.
- A player who dies after a farm world reset has no right to a refund of his items.

Bugs and exploits:

- Taking advantage of bugs, exploits or glitches (e.g. duplicating items, etc.) is prohibited.
- Bugs, exploits and glitches must be reported to the team via/ticket open.
- As a rule, the server team assumes no liability for loss due to bugs.

Rules in the Discord:

All general rules still apply here. The following rules are to be observed especially on the Discord!
- Playing loud music, music files, soundboards, etc. is strictly prohibited.
- Voice changers are not allowed.
- Names must conform to general text conventions.
- Recording of conversations is not permitted without the consent of all channel participants.
- The following tags are prohibited in the username: [Admin] [Mod] [Donator].
- Trolling, shouting or childish behavior is not allowed.
- Frequent changing of rooms and thus disturbing other players is not allowed.
- Nations with at least 5 members can apply for a channel.

Disregard of these rules can lead to a penalty on the Discord as well as on the server network.

These rules can change at any time.


Nation properties/borders:

- Each player may own or belong to a maximum of one nation.
- Your nation/player property can be removed after at least 3 months of inactivity. Should it be very "unfinished" or "deface" the environment, this can be done earlier.
- If several players share a property/nation, private property in boxes must be marked with a sign with the player's name. If there is a dispute, a decision will be made in favor of the region owner.
- Nation/player properties and buildings are never moved, copied or edited by the team. So please think about exactly where you want to build beforehand!
- Plots are primarily used to secure player buildings/property and not to occupy certain objects in the freebuild (spawners, villages, temples, etc.) or to be able to farm certain areas (mesa, pack ice biome, etc.).
- Nations borders are tied to rivers or seas. (Land borders in particular are allowed if the neighboring nation agrees; if no neighboring nation exists, an agreement with the server team is required)
- Nation boundaries can be postponed by war if both nations agree, buildings that change nation as a result no longer belong to the player but to the new nation, the player is free to change the nation or to build a new one.
- The leader of a nation is not obliged to inform his citizens that they can lose their belongings / have lost their property.
- Nations may not own more than 4 "river islands" (example), Islands by the sea that are recognizable as such are not included.
- The team reserves the right to withdraw ownership of "river islands" if they are felt to be too big.
The team reserves the right, in special cases, regardless of the player's inactivity, to remove "buildings" and "structures" that "deface" the environment / neighborhood (e.g. 1x1 towers, dirt walls, huge "cobblestone bunkers" etc.) without comment.

Player Council (Spielerrat):

How does the player council work?

- 50% of the server team should consist of elected representatives.
- The other half is made up of active mods/admins.
- The representatives are supposed to represent the opinions of the players during the team meetings.
- You can have a say in meetings directly.
- Retired mods/admins are not allowed to actively participate in decision-making, but are allowed to participate in team meetings as observers.

What are the requirements?

- Anyone with the rank of "player" and a microphone + discord can stand for election.
- Elected representatives must appear regularly for team meetings.
- Mastery of the German language (or a good interpreter).

How long does someone remain a representative?

- The first legislative term lasts 3 months.
- If the player is then re-elected, he will remain in office for a further 3 months. (max 6 months)
- After losing re-election or the end of the second legislature, there is a compulsory break of 6 months for this player.

Who can vote or stand as a candidate?

- Anyone with a playing time of 2 days or more can vote and stand as a candidate. (In-game time)
- Retired Mods/Admins are allowed to vote and run.
- Player representatives can stand for and vote after the end of their first legislature.
- Player representatives may vote after the end of their second legislature.
- You can apply in the Discord.

Who is not allowed to vote or stand as a candidate?

- Active mods/admins are not allowed to vote or run for election.
- Active representatives are not allowed to vote or stand for election. (Exception see above)
- Players on break are not allowed to run.

Where does the candidacy and election take place?

- Candidates can apply in the Discord.
- The selection takes place inGame on the server.
- The elections are secret and anonymous.

When do you vote?

- It can be chosen every 3 months.
- 15. April
- 15. July
- 15. October
- 15. January

What are the limitations?

- Representatives have no voting rights in:
>>The choice of moderators or admins.
>>Bans and other penalties.
>>Financing or Legal Affairs of the Server.
- Representatives are given their own rank on the Discord.

Additional regulations

- In the event of fraud or manipulation of elections, dismissal takes place, as well as permanent election/ban on standing.
- After 2x unexcused absence from team meetings, dismissal follows.
- If the dispute between couples cannot be resolved, both parties will be kicked out.
- If a mod/admin leaves the team, one less representative will be included in the next player election.
- If a representative leaves the team early, a new member will not be accepted until the next election period.

Government meeting:

What are government meetings?

- Government meetings are meetings in Discord and inGame. Anyone who is an officer or leader of a nation is allowed to attend these meetings.
- At government meetings, peace negotiations, joint laws, border changes or the like can be discussed.
- Government meetings can take place in-game and in Discord.
- Government meetings are announced in-game at the spawn and do not have a fixed rhythm.
- Attendance at government meetings is not compulsory and the resulting consequences are problems of nations.
- Government meetings can be held in German or English.